Money-Saving Tips

Weekly Ad Preview Tips:
Did you know that a lot of times you can see a store's ad days before the ad starts? Here are some places you can find the ad previews. Keep in mind that you usually will have to wait until at least Thursday if not Friday or Saturday to see an ad that starts on Sunday as they don't put it on their sites until then.
You can sign up on their Facebook page or website to receive a weekly ad preview in your e-mail or you can to this link and once they update the preview you will be able to see the next week's ad.
----on I was able to find ads for two weeks in advance! She has scans up. I am not sure how she came across these, but I just realized it in searching.

If you go to the weekly ad on the CVS website, part-way through the week you will notice that next to the tab "Current Weekly Ad" they will put of a tab for the next ad. Click on this and you will be able to see the following week's ad preview.
----on I was able to find ads for two weeks in advance! She has scans up. I am not sure how she came across these, but I just realized it in searching.

Usually if you are near a Rite-Aid, towards the end of the week you will receive an ad for the following week. If you do not, the best thing to do to see a preview of the ad is to search online for "Rite Aid ad preview scans" and include the date the ad starts. Many blogs will scan the ads that they receive in the mail so you can see pictures of them online in case you did not receive yours. Use Swagbucks to search and you could earn points to spend in the Swag Store! If you are not signed up, click here and you will get points just for signing up.

As of right now, I am not having an easy time finding Target ad previews. You may get an ad before it starts if it comes in your local paper, but even though I live right by a Target, I do not receive this. I have not been able to find ad scans online either, though you may be able to find some if you look. However, I do know that you can search online for Target's ad preview and include the start date of the ad you want and a lot of blogs will post up coupon match-ups for that ad, though you will not see everything or be able to see the ad for yourself.

Here I have the same story as with Target. You can try searching online, but unless you get the ad in your local paper, I don't know that you can find ad previews for this online at this time.

Tip #1: Did you know that you can get discounts on postage stamps? You may need a minimum purchase amount, but stamp dealers often have stamps come in that collectors have realized aren't worth any more than face. They will sell these for about 3-10% discount. All you have to do is purchase penny stamps at the post office so the face value is current! The company at the link sells some!

Tip #2: Sign up for rewards cards. Many stores have rewards programs/cards to use to get deals, freebies, and money-back! Even if you don’t shop at the store often, there is no harm in signing up for their FREE rewards card. You may be surprised when you receive an amazing coupon just for being a member!

Tip #3: Double-check sale prices. Not on purpose, a store I worked at marked Garnier hair care on sale 3/$10 when regularly priced for $2.99. This doesn't happen often, but keep an eye out just in case!