Saturday, September 15, 2012

Help Wholly Guacamole Send 100 Military Kids to Camp

Wholly Guacamole has come up with a GREAT way to celebrate National Guacamole Day for a whole month and calling it Wholly Heroes! They are partnering with Brad Meltzer of Ordinary People Change The World seeking to send 100 military kids to camp Operation Purple! Being a military family, this promotion is close to my heart. Operation Purple is a special camp for children with parents in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Commissioned Corps and NOAA and is a way to help ease the hardship of having one or both parents deployed.

Brad Meltzer wrote "Heroes for my Daughter" and "Heroes for my Son" in hopes that his children would be more influenced by real heroes of the world than super heroes in fictional stories, heroes such as Rosa Parks, soldiers and the Wright Brothers. He has designed t-shirts meant to inspire kids and 10% of each sale on his site is donated to charity.

Here is where you come in. As I mentioned, Wholly Guacamole has partnered with Ordinary People Change The World in an effort to send 100 military children to Operation Purple camp where military children and their families can bond and learn to heal from the hardships of being frequently separated, something that I can say first-hand would be SO beneficial to not just the military children, but to the whole family. You have the opportunity to help out by purchasing one of these super cool Ordinary People Change The World t-shirts! They are 100% preshrunk cotton and are only $10 per shirt. Better yet, 100% of the sales go to the goal of 100 kids to camp! In order to accomplish this, Wholly Guacamole and Ordinary People Change The World need to sell a total of 5,000 shirts to equal $50,000 (the cost for 100 kids for camp...pretty expensive, huh? With what the military makes, this is hard for many families to afford which is why this effort is even more awesome!) SO, for every $10 shirt sold, they are $10 closer to the goal! T-shirt sales will run from September 16 to October 31, 2012 and will be completed via PayPal. With each purchase, Wholly Guacamole will also throw in a free product coupon!!

Want to help out this amazing cause? Go here now! Look for the banner about this promotion on the Wholly Guacamole home page!

You can also send an awesome Hero video to any hero you know! Check it out here!

Find out more about Ordinary People Change The World here.

Find out more about Operation Purple Camp here.

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