Saturday, June 9, 2012

Shopaholic Saturday

My favorite store is CVS. I am a ECB saver. I always leave with my extra bucks and put them towards my next purchase (instead of using them there in a separate transaction) There are many times during the year where I am able to continue rolling my bucks so that they are PAYING me to come buy some items! I really loved when they had their $10.00 Gift Card when you spend $30.00 around Christmastime. I used that time to stock up on some paper towels, gold fish and applesauce and other things that we use a lot in our home that we might not always get coupons and great sales on! Below is one of my best deals that I have gotten with them (This was a deal at the end of November)!
Spend $30.00 get a $10.00 Gift Card (8) Finish Gel Packs $2.99 each and (2) Hellmans Mayo 2/$7.00 
Scrunci Travel Bag $9.99
Purex Crystals $6.49 BOGO
Dawn $.99

Used 8 $.75 finish gel pack coupons, 4 $.50 dawn coupons, I had $20.00 ECB from previous trip as well as another $10.00 gift card from a previous trip. Paid $22.49 outta pocket. Saved $71.25 and received another $10.00 gift card and $2.00 ECB

My favorite store to shop at is Kohl's. They always have great sales and I love their clothing and other products. Once you reach a certain dollar amount spent in a year, you are eligible for 14 special shopping events per year. I honestly don't remember what the dollar amount is, but I never have any problems reaching it. They send you a post card or magazine with your shopping discounts of either 10%, 20% or 30%. I believe they base the % off on your yearly purchase amount. (That is just my opinion, not fact.) My husband also has an account but doesn't spend as much as I do. When we receive our % off coupons, mine is almost always 30% whereas his is usually 20%. Kohl's also runs special days where you earn $10 off of a future purchase for every $50 you spend.

Here is one of the best deals I have gotten from Kohl's. They had a Keurig Coffeemaker on sale for $119.00. I had a 30% off coupons and they were having one of their "earn $10 for every $50 you spend" deals. $119 - 35.70 (30%) = $83.30. I also earned $20 off a future purchase since the coffeemaker was $119. ($10 earned for $50 spent x 2). Grand total was $63.30 for my Keurig Coffeemaker. 

My favorite store to shop at for groceries is Kroger - they double coupons up to $1 in our area which makes for some great deals and freebies. This is great for us because we donate a lot of food items to local charities, families and even friends in need!

I live in a small area so shopping choices are slim if I don't feel like driving an hour away to the larger cities. My favorite local store would definitely have to be Burkes Outlet. I love being able to buy name brand clothing, shoes, home accessories, gifts, toys and more for 70%+! I can spend hours upon hours searching through their endless racks of clearance items.

I'm only 4'11" so finding pants to fit me is a challege - at Burkes, I can always find a large selection of petite items. I picked up 2 pairs of khakis, 2 pair of black and 1 pair of navy dress pants that were the Dockers brand. My favorite feature is that they are petite but also made for "curves" - which I definitely need!

I'm not the type of person who feels the need to keep on top of the latest fashions as soon as they come out. If I wait long enough, I can find the same items at a deep discount at Burkes and mix them up with my thrift store finds to create a unique look! I had been eyeing a few shirts at JCP last summer but they were $38 each - a little high for a mom on a budget. Earlier this spring, I found similarly-designed shirts for only $8.99 at Burkes!

Every month, the clearance dots move so what was 50% off one month will be 60% the next and so on. Another added bonus is that if you are 49 and under, you can join the Friday Club and when you shop on Fridays, you'll receive 15% off of your purchase. For shoppers 50+, you can get in on the Monday Club and receive 15% off as well!

My current favorite place to shop at is CVS. They may not always have the best retail prices, but they have some awesome sales! I love the magic coupon machine that shoots out helpful coupons right in the store and how often you can use those to get freebies! I love that there are also special CVS coupons you can print from online to combine with manufacture coupons. Their new policy is awesome too and has helped me get many a freebie (especially being able to use BOGO coupons with BOGO sales!) Cash back, even on prescriptions, is always good too and it can be used on your whole order and you don't need a certain amount of items in your purchase. I can spend $3 on my order and somehow after all my deals I get $9 back! Now that is amazing! Besides all of this, CVS frequently sends out emails for percents off, has freebies on their Facebook pages, and you can get a Green Bag Tag that pays you $1 every four times you use it--that's being green to save green!

Thanks Dealy Os


  1. I have wanted to really get into CVS shopping but just have not had the time! I see some great deals all the time CVS! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I thought the Finish deal was from now. I always ran out to get it!

  3. I love shopping at Kohl's when I get the 20% off coupon too :)