Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sleep Number Bed Deal!

Are you satisfied with your mattress? Do you suffer from back pain or have a hard time sleeping? Do you and your partner prefer a different mattress firmness? I had all the above so my husband and I decided to make an investment into our health, good sleep, and overall wellbeing and we bought a Sleep Number bed! The Sleep Number bed is so neat! This mattress is not made with painful springs, but is full of air and you can adjust just how firm or soft you would like your mattress! With the dual-air technology, you and your partner can both choose your own Sleep Number! For instance, mine is 25 and my husband's is 50. With our new mattress we can both be comfortable at night and wake up feeling refreshed! I have already noticed that much of my back pain has gone away and I have had an easier time waking up in the morning! We also chose to get the base that has vibration (my legs love that!) and can be adjusted at the head and the feet so we can sit up to watch TV!
Sleep Number beds are modular within each variety of bed. For instance, if you purchase the C4 bed, you can add on the adjustable base for the C4 bed later on! It is a really neat concept! Besides this, Sleep Number often allows for interest-free financing which is great!
My IndividualFit. The red spots are the
pressure points! You can see how it went down
as I got to my Sleep Number!
You can go into a Sleep Number store to try out the beds and they will use this really neat program to show you the pressure points on your body and how the pressure goes away as you get to your Sleep Number! Many bed options are available! We loved the memory foam option, but we ended up getting the P5 option and it has really turned out to be a great decision for us! Sleep Number frequently has sale, but it is VERY rare to get a coupon and they do not offer additional discounts (we tried for a military discount haha.) The thing is, they gave me 10% off to give to you! This offer expires on 6/15/13 and I truly encourage this purchase! To get your 10% off, simply call 877-809-8480 or go online at and mention the customer number 025763765 and use the code FRIEND10! You can use this code one time and it does not count towards the adjustable bases, home delivery, shipping costs, closeout or refurbished products and is only valid on a Sleep Number bed, not on bedding. If you would like to save some money on bedding, be sure to request your $50 coupon on their website! This will be mailed to you and can be used on anything! How cool is that?! You will LOVE this bed!

Call 877-809-8480 and mention the member number 025763765 and FRIEND10 or
Online at and mention the member number 025763765 and FRIEND10 at checkout!


  1. We have a sleep number bed... I LOVE it and could never good back to a regular bed!

  2. Soooo tempting! I have a bad back and need a better bed.

  3. The Sleep Number bed is so neat! This mattress is not made with painful springs, but is full of air and you can adjust just how firm or soft you ...

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