Friday, August 3, 2012

Go Green Tip Sponsored Post: Pantry Organizers

Check out this AWESOME green, inexpensive, and crafty idea from 1-2-3 Neat and Tidy! Have you tried anything like this? If you have anoy organizing tips/ideas, feel free to send them on over to share with your fellow Dealy Os fans!!

I came across this awesome idea to organize your pantry from something all of us probably have in the house and recycle or throw away.  A soda dispenser box!  (This idea is from Then She Made...)

This box makes a perfect soup dispenser box!  Normal can dispensers can cost about $10 or more just for the single ones, but these boxes make the perfect soup can dispensers, and any other type of small cans you may have, and costs about $3ea or less.

You can use them to organize other items in your pantry as well.  We don't have many soup cans, so I tried out vegetable cans, but they were too big and I couldn't fit any on top of the others.  I do have lots of snacks and small quick meals for my little one laying around and I decided to try those and was able to fit applesauce and the Gerber Graduates meals in these.  These items used to be kept in a bag on the bottom of our pantry, so this is a huge upgrade and they fit nicely on the pantry shelf!  Makes it a lot easier to grab what I need and keep things tidy.

I don't know why I didn't think of this idea!  The boxes are strong enough to hold cans, so you know they will at least last a while, and I'm still looking for more ways to reuse these boxes to organize other items in the pantry and my house.  I'm planing to fix the above boxes up soon to make them look nicer and I'll post a pic once I'm finished!

What do you think of this easy low cost idea to organize your pantry?  Have you used these coke boxes for any other kind of organization?

Thanks 1-2-3 Neat and Tidy!

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