Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Rewards Programs for Rite Aid and Walgreens

Want to save some paper? Rite Aid is now going to start loading your +UP rewards to your card starting September 2nd! You will be automatically enrolled if you have a Rite Aid card, but you can opt out in store or online if you prefer paper +UP rewards! There are a few draw-backs such as not being able to choose which +UP are taken off your order, they still expire so trying to keep track of expirations may be frustrating...but there are a few plusses like not losing your rewards or forgetting to use them and saving you room in your purse and coupon binder as you won't have all that paper! A tip I received also, is to make sure you use your manufacture coupons and everything BEFORE you  scan your Wellness card. Scan your Wellness card LAST to avoid many issues. Another thing  great about the Load2Card program is that those who would abuse the program previously by purchasing +UP items and using the coupon then returning the items will not be able to do so. If a +UP item is returned, the reward will be taken off! This means Rite Aid will lose less money which hopefully means room for more deals! One more tip is that +UP rewards received will not be able to be used until 7 am the following day which could prove to be a hassle if you like to roll your deals. I am not 100% sure I like this program yet as I like to see my coupons and be able to have the expiration dates kept track of, but you can view all of your used, available and expired +UP on the computer so I am going to give it a shot! Many are truly in love with this program so try it out and see how it goes!


Also, Walgreens will be getting rid of Register Rewards and bringing back their previously discontinued Balance Rewards program on September 16! Begin to enroll September 2nd! If you are signed up for their emails, you should be getting an enrollment email soon. I will work on getting more details from Walgreens though they have not been able to tell me much as of yet. I was able to use the program last time they had it in their test areas, but they have apparently changed the program some. You can read details on other blogs, but I cannot confirm those for you and have no clue where they received their information. I know I said you can begin enrollment on the 2nd, but it is not available yet as far as I can see but check your emails as email recipients are able to sign up first!

( Plus find out more here and pre-enroll for your chance to win points!

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