Thursday, April 19, 2012

Go Green Tip: Yogurt Planters!

In light of Earth Day coming up on Sunday, I thought I'd try to share a couple "green" tips to save you some green! My first is an innovative and adorable planter! Why waste money on buying plant starters when you can find your very own planters at home? Reuse and save is how I look at it! Not only are these planters super cute, but they are a fun way to teach kids about planting and growing their own gardens (which will save money on groceries!) and help them learn responsibility as they care for their plants and science as they watch their plants miraculously change from seeds to tasty veggies! Now, if your child won't eat his/her veggies, this is a fun way to get them to; after all, these are THEIR veggies that they grew by themselves!

Here's what you do:

1. Save and wash emptied containers, whether it's a yogurt container like these, a baby food container, a sour cream creative!
2. Fill the containers with good-quality dirt just a little bit from the top.
3. Make sure you label your plants! I used spoons to label mine not only to reuse something you would otherwise throw away, but because the spoons go perfectly with the cup from the yogurt!
4. Plant 2-4 seeds in each container and push the seeds down into the soil just a little ways so you can't see them anymore.
5. Water your plants, but be sure not to over-water!
6. Place in direct sunlight and watch your garden grow! Take this opportunity to teach your little ones about photosynthesis, gardening, being green and saving money by not purchasing the containers and veggies from the store!

If you try this for yourself, let us know what you are planting and what innovative containers you use by commenting below!

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