Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's Almost Earth Day! Join Recyclebank!


How do YOU plan on helping to conserve the earth? We are supposed to take care of this earth that we live in, and it has been let go for a long time. Now people are making strides to clean up the earth and conserve our natural resources and I see nothing wrong with that! In fact, I encourage it! Want some great ideas on how you can save energy and be green all while earning points towards high value coupons and freebies? Well, you should join Recyclebank! I LOVE Recyclebank. This site allows you to learn about being green, take pledges and quizzes, download interesting information, recycle and more all while earning points that you can use towards coupons, gift cards and fun products! I've earned a LOT and we don't even have recycling here! I have learned so much on this site and not only do their tips help the earth, but they help save you money! I'm VERY close to getting a free gift certificate! I'm so excited! With Earth Day coming up on Sunday, now is a GREAT time to join Recyclebank and learn some ways that you can be green AND save some green! There are 485+ points you can earn RIGHT NOW just by taking pledges and quizzes, uploading photos and more! Sign up and go to "Earn Points" today!

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