Friday, July 27, 2012

Banana Nut Monkey Muffins

I was recently trying to figure out something fun that I could have with my son and we needed something to eat but we didn't have much around the house. Now, I like to bake and cook, but sometimes I just don't have that much energy and want something easy. Well, I managed to find Banana Nut Muffin mix and you just add water so I decided to make Banana Nut Monkey Muffins! I could even involve my toddler and let him dump the bag of mix and help me stir! Here's what you need:

-Banana Nut Muffin Mix (I baked them super short so they were like muffin tops)
-Banana Medallions
-Mini Cookie Halves
-Walnut Halves
-Dried Cranberries

We first topped the cooled muffins with a little Nutella then added the cookie halves for the ears, banana for the mouth area, walnuts for the nose and dried cranberries for the eyes. The cookie halves you will need to cut a little slit in the muffin and push them down until they stick. Now, I should have put the 'ears' down a little bit further like a monkey, but my son REALLY couldn't wait to eat them. Also, for the nose you will want to put a little bit on Nutella on the back of the walnut to make sure it sticks! This would be fun to have your older little ones involved in making. My son was too young to help, but he sure enjoyed eating them! Easy to make and fun to eat and pretty healthy too!

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