Friday, July 27, 2012

FREE Highlighters

Get free highlighters at Walgreens next week after this coupon. Print it now!

Thanks Saving Said Simply!

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  1. THANK YOU for sharing this with us and your other posts! I see you're a military family now. I'm a military brat (25+ yrs) and married to a Gulf War Veteran (so now I'm a veteran wife). You'll have fun and learn all kinds of tricks along the way. My mom moved us all over the place with kids & pets :) Keep posting the great deals because WE NEED THEM on our very limited income :) THANK YOU!!!

  2. So glad I could help Jane! Yes, my husband is in the Air Force :) That's great! I am sure we will learn (and have already learned) a lot! I'm used to moving a lot (though I am not used to anything military--my husband is, though,) but this will be a new venture doing it on my own a lot, though we are at a 'black hole' base apparently. And I will do my best to keep posting the deals!! They do help a LOT! People think soldiers make a lot, but they really don't. We couldn't even get a loan for a mattress haha. Fortunately, I had saved up enough. :)