Saturday, July 14, 2012

"Have Yourself a Merry Little Grill Out" Giveaway

It's Christmas in July! In honor of the big review party/BBQ we hosted as a house warming, several companies I have done reviews for have agreed to sponsor this big one-winner-takes-all giveaway! If you win, you will get most everything you need to hold your very own grill out! So enter now and you could Have Yourself a Merry Little Grill Out! Please take a moment to read this overview of the BBQ that I hosted to get to know the products for yourself and be sure to follow the links to each item that I have reviewed to find out more about each awesome product and find a few recipes and pictures! Due to sponsor requirements, this giveaway is only open to residents of the contiguous United States, no P.O. boxes. If you win, here is what will arrive at your doorstep:
-$15 Walmart gift card (from Dealy Os for your meats, cheeses and anything else you'll need)
-Dealy Os grilling apron (from Dealy Os)
-American flag to decorate (from Dealy Os)
-Kool-Aid packets (from Dealy Os)
-3 Grill Mates marinades (from Dealy Os)
-3 Mario Olives snack packs (from Mario Olives)
-4 drink koozies (from Mario Olives)
-Mousepad/handle gripper pad (from Mario Olives)
-2 FREE coupons for Country Bob's sauce and a recipe pamphlet (from Coupon Savvy Sarah)
-FREE coupon for Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom ice cream (from Dealy Os)
-FREE coupon for Mt. Olive Pickles (from Dealy Os/Mt. Olive Pickles)
-3 FREE coupons for King's Hawaiian bread (from King's Hawaiian)
-One of each Flatz bread variety and a t-shirt (from Rudi's Organic Bakery)
-Cooler of guacamole and salsa (from Wholly Guacamole)
-Chips, five sample bags (from Food Should Taste Good, choose your top 5 flavors)
-Cranberries, Berry Blend dried berries, Newman O's,  Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies and a surprise item (from Newman's Own Organics)
-Brew Over Ice K-cups, you choose the flavor from those in my review (from Brew Over Ice)

Several companies sponsored our big BBQ on base in return for product reviews. We separated our BBQ into two days, as not everyone could make it the first day. Follow the links highlighted below to see each product review as well as some fun recipes! Bella Cosa Designs provided the invites for our BBQ and they looked lovely! We started our BBQ with some soda from the SodaStream, awesome chips from Food Should Taste Good and some salsa and guacamole from Wholly Guacamole! Both of those were a huge hit! We also had some Party Celery that used Mario Olives. For our main course we had hotdogs and Grill Mates Molassas Bacon-seasoned burgers on King's Hawaiian buns and used some Uncle Phil's Mustard and Mt. Olive Pickles for our condiments! Yum!! My son ate a peanut butter sandwich on some Rudi's Flatz. We played Telestrations and had our fill of laughs and finally we finished off with some great cookies from Newman's Own Organics! The second day we had iced drinks from Brew Over Ice K-cups, Kale-berry Salad using dried cranberries from Newman's Own Organics and grilled chicken marinated in Grill Mates Spiced Brandy and Herb marinade. We all had a great time and are looking forward to hosting more events as this! Now, Dealy Os is pleased to offer you everything you need to have your very own BBQ! If you win, I would LOVE if you could post a picture of your BBQ on my Facebook wall! Be honest, have fun, good luck and Have Yourself a Merry Little Grill Out!

Here's a fun song to enjoy to go along with the theme!
Have yourself a merry little grill out
Let your heart be light
Send your friends a Bella Cosa grill invite.
Have yourself a merry little grill out
Just enjoy the day,
Friends will come and join from many miles away
Here we are grilling barbecue
Oh what more could we ask for?
Faithful friends who are dear to us
Gather near to us for more.
Dealy Os provided all the reviews
And some recipes
Now it's time to try them and enjoy the breeze
And have yourself a merry little grill out now

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Disclaimer: Dealy Os is not responsible for the delivery of all items; some will be shipped directly from the companies.


  1. I would serve the yummy filled celery - my mouth actually watered when I look at the pic!

  2. ribs, chicken, and corn on the cob

  3. All of the food I win!:)

  4. Brew cups for my wife and the cookies for my sons! Were all excited to try Rudis new bread also! Thank you for the chance to win!

  5. I will have ribs and chicken at my BBQ

  6. brew over ice peach sweet tea.. Ultimate turkey burgers with pineapple and an assortment of cold crunchy pickles !!

  7. Lamb burgers. They are delicious with a bit of chopped mint in the meat, and an apple-mint glaze applied on the grill.

  8. Whatever we have available in the house! I LOVE to cookout, and I look to put anything on the grill!! It always makes everything taste better! Thanks!

  9. Bbq'd chicken, southern skilled corn, and jello poke cake. That's was my share of a family lookout yesterday. Very good food.

  10. my daughter gobbles them up by themselves, nothing else is needed. Great snacks!

  11. BBQ shrimp wrapped in bacon

  12. I like to serve BBQ chicken and Ribs. Along with hot dogs and burgers for the little ones. Chips, baked beans, pasta salad!

  13. Steak,hotdogs and seafoods!

  14. Chicken and corn and beans and hot dogs

  15. Ribs, hot dogs, hamburgers, corn, beans.

  16. Dorothy Walters
    Hamburgers and corn on the cob