Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Get More With Free Product Coupons!

Do you ever get the free product coupons that I post about on Facebook? There have been several recently such as Aussie, Herbal Essences, Oscar Mayer, and of course the ones that I give away on Dealy Os! Well, did you know that you can stretch those coupons to get more than just that free product?! I do all the time!
Last year I and my husband both received coupons for free Oscar Mayer hot dogs so I waited and ended up finding a deal to get hot dogs buy one get one free at the grocery store! That means I got FOUR FREE packs of hotdogs with the two free product coupons that we had! Another example is the time that I had coupons for free Herbal Essences , Aussie and two for Pantene. I used them at Rite Aid when they had a deal to get $5 in +UP Rewards when you bought four! I paid nothing and made $5! I have many more examples, but I'll leave you with one from recently.
 In the picture below from today, I used two of my free Purex detergent coupons at Walgreens where they are on sale buy one get one free to get four for free then I bought the Pantene with a free Pantene coupon and got back $0.50 in Register Rewards! I love getting free products, but I love getting even MORE with my free product coupons! Not all free product coupons are for items that go on sales like this, but keep an eye out for those that do! You don't need to use your coupons right away. I keep them in my purse in a coupon filer and always have them ordered by expiration so I am sure not to forget about them before the expire but can save them in case a deal comes up or I really need the item. Of course, don't forget to check your store's policies before trying to get a deal like this, but most will allow for it! CVS will even let you combine a BOGO coupon with a BOGO sale! I've gotten four free cranberry juices that way! Also, sometimes, depending on your state, you will still need to pay tax and other times you will still have to pay the overage (say the item is $5.99 and the coupon says up to $5.00) but you will still get an amazing deal!! I have had that happen with detergent, but I still only paid $0.99 for two bottles!!


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