Tuesday, July 3, 2012

SAVE on Textbooks and Support a Good Cause!

Now, from experience I know that college textbooks can be VERY expensive! I have had individual books (small ones, mind you) that cost me over $200 and I wasn't even a nursing student! This was just for my business and design classes! How much do you typically pay for your textbooks? I assume quite a bit. Have you ever thought of renting your books? Well, there is a company that will do just that! Campus Book Rentals rents out books to college students at a discounted price so you don't have to pay full price for your own book! You save between 40 and 90% off of bookstore prices AND they don't charge for shipping to you OR when you send the book back! You may be thinking "Yes, but I need my books when I need them and I really like to highlight for when I study." Well guess what! Campus Book Rentals has very flexible rental periods so if you really need your book soon or you barely need the book, they can work around that! It is also ok to highlight in the books! How is that for a rental?! Boy do I wish I had known about this when I was in college (I will have to remember this IF I decide to go back...someday.) You now may be thinking to yourself "Ya that sounds great, but they probably don't have my books" but you're in luck! Campus Book Rentals has the largest selection of books in the US so they very well MAY have your book! Say you are an apparel design major and you need a specific sewing book called Sewing in a Straight Line. All you have to do is search the title, ISBN or a keyword and boom! It's there! You can even get $5 for referring a friend to their site! There is NOTHING wrong with being a frugal college student. As a plus, you can feel like you have made a difference each time you rent a book from Campus Book Rentals because for each book rented they will donate to Operation Smile! What is Operation Smile? Operation Smile seeks to give surgeries to children born with a cleft palate; this is not just an outward issue, but nearly one in ten children born with cleft will pass away before their first birthday. By supporting Operation Smile (which you can do for FREE with a book rental) you are helping to save lives and open up opportunies for children who may not have had any otherwise.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Textbooks are so expensive! Good thing there are ways to save!